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The Rise (and Risks) of the DIY Prenups

27th September 2016 - John Oxley
The Rise (and Risks) of the DIY Prenups

Ayesha Vardag spoke to The Daily Mail following their report on the rise of home made prenups. The paper reported that, following the landmark decision in Radmacher which made the agreements binding in English, people are increasingly making their own prenups ahead of their marriages.

Ayesha, who represented Katrin Radmacher in her successful attempt to have a prenup recognised told the paper Pre-nups are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, especially to safeguard the wealth that people have built up before their marriages and to protect their expected inheritances.  This is very popular in second marriages where there are children of previous marriages to protect. In my view, anything that makes pre-nups less costly and more available is great, and a new, affordable system like this one is long overdue. However, a note of caution with all DIY pre-nup kits - they dont work well for complex or sensitive situations. When theres a lot at stake its definitely worth getting proper advice from an expert family lawyer.

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