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Press coverage for the latest stage in Pauline Chai case

22nd September 2016 - John Oxley
Press coverage for the latest stage in Pauline Chai case

News outlets around the world reacted to the latest stage in the ongoing divorce battle between former Miss Malaysia Pauline Chai and her husband. The case, which has been fought in both England and Malaysia is said to concern hundreds of millions of pounds worth of assets.

As the High Court ruled that the case should be heard in London, Ms Chai seemed set to benefit from English divorce laws, which see marriage as a partnership. The court will look to share all of the wealth created during her 48 year relationship between her and her husband.

The case led some papers, such as Business Insider, to focus on the unusual generosity of the English courts, compared with the approach many foreign courts take to divorce. Other newspapers focused on the courts appeal for the parties to bring the case to a close through swift negotiation.

Ayesha Vardag, who represents Ms Chai, spoke to the press, calling the ruling a very just decision". She said: "Pauline Chai trusted in the laws of England, where she made a real and long-term home for herself and her children, and they did not fail her.

The case was additionally covered by The Times, The Independent and The Daily Mail.

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