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Pauline Chai Hearing: National Press Covers Vardags’ Case

5th July 2013
Pauline Chai Hearing: National Press Covers Vardags’ Case
Ayesha Vardag, lawyer for Pauline Chai, stated: This is a classic case of forum shopping by the husband. The wife petitioned in England where the family have their £30 million home. She added: the wife is neither domiciled in nor even a citizen of Malaysia yet the husband says that that is where the divorce should be heard.The vast assets were built up during the matrimonial partnership and Ayesha Vardag commented that, like all other partnerships which do not have a deed, those assets should be divided 50:50. England is the best place to examine and rule on this.The press coverage is likely to increase when the case goes back into court.This is not the first time that Vardags has attracted significant media attention. Ayesha Vardag gained victory in the Supreme Court in 2010 during the prenuptial case of Radmacher v Granatino which was covered by the media.The Chai case also comes in the wake of the recent landmark Supreme Court ruling in Prest v Petrodel, in which Vardags also played a substantial part.


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