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Pauline Chai case in Family Law Week

9th July 2013
Pauline Chai case in Family Law Week

The case of Vardags client Pauline Chai has made it into the news section of esteemed legal website Family Law Week.

The article summarises the hearing that took place last week, with some of the comments of Ayesha Vardag (Vardags Founder Director and lawyer for Pauline Chai) being quoted.

Mrs Chai and Mr Khoo were married for 42 years and have five children. Mr Khoo is the multi-millionaire businessman behind Laura Ashley.

The case has been covered in the press both nationally and even internationally. However, inclusion in Family Law Week evidences the interest that legal professionals are taking in the proceedings.

It may prove a landmark case within the world of family law due to the exceptionally high level of assets involved and the significant international dimensions.

Ayesha Vardags press release regarding the Court of Appeal ruling in December 2015 can be read here.

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