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Managing Director Catherine Thomas on Wyatt v. Vince Supreme Court Ruling

11th March 2015
Managing Director Catherine Thomas on Wyatt v. Vince Supreme Court Ruling

Managing director Catherine Thomas has had a hectic day in the media spotlight. Following the handing down of judgment in the Supreme Court case of Wyatt v Vince UKSC 15, Catherine has taken up residence in the BBC studios for most of the day fielding interview questions from journalists keen for an expert opinion.

The press has taken a strong interest in this case from earlier on in proceedings, being a major story in national papers including the Mail and the Independent.

The Supreme Court ruled today that the appellant Kathleen Wyatt has permission to seek financial remedies in the Family Division of the High Court. It seems to have captured the media imagination due to the unusual facts of the case: the couple divorced over two decades ago and the finances were never resolved.

The ex-husband, Dale Vince, is now an extraordinarily successful renewable energy tycoon and founder of wind power firm Ecotricity. His erstwhile wife, Kathleen, has struggled financially.

In her first interview, live on BBC News, Catherine explained the circumstances surrounding Ms Wyatts success in the Supreme Court: how unusual it is for financial issues not to be dealt with at the time of the divorce, the reasoning on which the judges decision was based and exactly what Ms Wyatts chances might be of receiving an award in the future.

Hot on the heels of her TV news stint came interviews at BBC Radio Wales and Radio 5 Live, followed by a prime-time appearance on Channel 4 News in conversation with Cathy Newman before being whisked away back to the BBC for a last hurrah of the day on Radio 4.

Print newspaper coverage of the case followed, with lead features in The Telegraph and The Times including Catherines comments.

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