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London’s Leading Role in Global Divorce

22nd September 2016 - John Oxley
London’s Leading Role in Global Divorce

Ayesha Vardag, Vardags founder and president wrote for The London Economic about Londons pre-eminence in the international divorce market. Though often used to criticise the countrys divorce laws, Ayesha explained how the sobriquet actually reflects Englands fairness.

As Ayesha pointed out, on reason for the moniker sticking was the influx of the global elite to London. Royalty, celebrities and entrepreneurs from all corners of the earth have chosen to live in London, bringing with them considerable wealth, she said, they therefore have the right to use our robust legal system.

Explaining the unique position of English matrimonial law, Ayesha said English matrimonial law has made it clear that there should be no strong distinction between homemaker and breadwinner: the assets accumulated during a marriage should be shared equally between the two parties.  She added that English judges are seen as incorruptible.

Ayesha also discussed the intellectual and commercial approach now taken towards family law, something which she and her firm have spearheaded. She said that modern family law requires solicitors with exceptional minds, as fighting a clients corner can be a complex mix of corporate investigation and aggressive litigation. The essential ingredient to success, though, is innovation.

She concluded: irrespective of the assets of those involved, the increase in HNW divorces being heard here is the direct result of Londons standing as a city of great vision and international acclaim

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