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Keen to leave your rich husband? Come to London!

21st September 2016 - John Oxley
Keen to leave your rich husband? Come to London!

Vardags president Ayesha Vardag was quoted in The Guardian, commenting on Englands place at the forefront of international family law. Speaking following a hearing in the long running case of Pauline Chai, Ayesha said Of the capital that is built up in the marriage, both partners are entitled to share fairly in that, which usually results in a roughly 50/50 split. The principle that there is no discrimination between breadwinner and homemaker is the cornerstone of why the English jurisdiction is seen as a particularly fair one for the financially weaker spouse.

Ayesha went on to comment that though the English courts remain generous in terms of capital provision, the mood is changing in relation to maintenance. She told the paper The old way of viewing things, which is that mothers really ought to be at home, is changing and there is far more of a recognition that both parents work, and it can be beneficial for children to see their mothers having a role in the workplace. The idea that women really should stay at home is gone. It reflects the fact that women are no longer seen as weak, dependent creatures that have to be looked after.

The paper reported on Londons position in the world divorce market following a hearing in the divorce of Vardags client and former beauty queen Pauline Chai. Ms Chai, who was married to Laura Ashley tycoon Khoo Kay Peng for forty years, is set to receive one of the largest divorce settlements in English history, following her successful battle for the case to be heard in England.

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