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“What the hell is a social media 'prenup'?”

23rd September 2016 - John Oxley
“What the hell is a social media 'prenup'?”

Following Vardags victory for Katrin Radmacher in 2010, prenups have been valid in English law. This has led to a great deal of speculation about what can and cant actually be included in the document. The Telegraph picked up on this, exploring the possibility of social media prenups, which regulate what spouses can post about each other online.

Ayesha explained to the paper that her prenuptial agreement had included social media clauses, saying If you break up that takes away that right to share your confidential information, says Vardag. I think its incredibly helpful to because it enables you to be more trusting. Sometimes things go wrong and you dont want to be in a mess if they do.

Ayeshas comments were featured alongside those of leading psychologists and relationship experts. The paper suggested that such agreements may be on the rise as social media becomes a minefield for modern couples.

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