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Georgina Hamblin's seven love lessons for Marie Claire

23rd April 2018 - Thea Dunne
Georgina Hamblin's seven love lessons for Marie Claire

"As director of divorce and family lawyer at Vardags, Hamblin is widely regarded as one of the best divorce lawyers in the country," so Marie Claire introduced Georgina Hamblin for a feature in Mays edition where they ask her for the secrets to a successful marriage.

Espousing the importance of communication, honesty and valuing your partner, Georgina gave her insight as a divorce lawyer and working wife and mother.

Having eventually begun to feel that the "walls were closing in" while she was on maternity leave, Georgina argues that having a life outside the home is a key aspect of making a relationship work. But with more women becoming the breadwinner, she explains the importance of valuing your partners independent life as well as your own - a lesson foregrounded by a former client whose relationship echoed her own. "I often think of that client and try to work on it in my own marriage," Georgina said.

Speaking with a touch of a divorce lawyers realism, Georgina also had some sound advice for couples in case things should go South - think through difficult decisions carefully, and make a prenuptial agreement. "Some people think prenuptial agreements are unromantic, but if you do the financial planning while youre in a happy, loving place, it will be easier to draw up a fair agreement."

Georginas positive and pragmatic advice encapsulates the possibility of both harmonious marriages, and happiness beyond divorce.

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