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Ending a same-sex marriage

23rd September 2016 - John Oxley

Vardags managing director Catherine Thomas spoke to Fyne Times about the differences that come with same-sex divorces.

Catherine explained that same-sex partners can have different pension rights from heterosexual couples, as well as the fact that a gay marriage cannot be divorce on the ground of adultery.

Explaining the effect of this, she said Instead you could divorce on the basis of that extra martial relationship being unreasonable behaviour which has caused the marriage to breakdown irretrievably.  Whether a divorce is based on adultery or unreasonable behaviour makes no difference to the financial arrangements or the arrangements for any children after the divorce.

She also said You dont need to see someone who specialises in same-sex relationships but I would always recommend seeing a solicitor who specialisies in divorce.  It is important to get quality advice early on to make sure you are protected and end up in the best possible situation at the end of the divorce.

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