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Don't let the divorce turn out worse than the marriage

28th September 2016 - John Oxley
Don't let the divorce turn out worse than the marriage

Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Daily Telegraph about the acrimony which can arise in divorce cases. The article catalogued war stories from various top divorce lawyers of petty flare-ups during proceedings.

Ayesha said to the paper These cases sound funny, but the reality of someone being assailed with that degree of heartbreak is deeply sad. She went on to explain the rising role of the internet in such disputes, telling the paper They get hold of their spouses online address book and send an email to all their contacts outlining what theyve done; or they alter statuses on Facebook.

Ayesha concluded with some sage advice. It happens again and again, but fortunately, the courts will not sanction any of this. I tell my clients that its much better not to be vindictive but to follow Ivana Trumps maxim of, Dont get mad, get everything she said to would-be litigants.

Ayeshas comments were featured alongside those of a number of leading experts in divorce and psychology, and additionally quoted in the Daily Mail.

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