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'Diva of Divorce' hits out at 'rich-bashing'

By John Oxley -

'Diva of Divorce' hits out at 'rich-bashing'

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, 'Diva of Divorce' Ayesha Vardag spoke out and criticised a culture of “rich bashing” in the UK.  She said “There’s a strange, underdog culture in Britain whereby the rich and successful are bashed repeatedly. It’s the antithesis of America, where hard work and success are celebrated. We revile the successful and forget that they pay taxes and generate employment, but at the same time we complain about a culture of failure and layabouts living off the state. You don’t get the prosperity and economic success that funds a world-class welfare state by sending all the rich people abroad.”

Her comments came after Mr Justice Holman criticised legal costs run up in the long running divorce battle between Pauline Chai and Khoo Kay Peng. Ayesha said “Contrary to the judge’s assertion, this family is a hefty UK taxpayer. Mr Khoo’s companies, Laura Ashley and Corus hotels, pay vast millions to the Treasury every year. They have a huge estate in Hertfordshire, where Miss Chai lives, which generates all sorts of tax revenue. They employ numerous people, which generates further tax and NI revenue. They spend money in England and pay VAT … This case has already generated around half a million in tax revenue. If the case had so far taken place in Malaysia, not one penny would have come to the English treasury and the government would have found it that much harder to fund the free court system.”

Ayesha concluded “We have a justice system which is the envy of the world. The fact that many of those who have made their long-term home in England want be dealt with by decent, honest, intelligent English justice is a matter of national pride and hugely important for the economy.”

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John Oxley

John first joined Vardags in 2013 and spent a year with the firm as a paralegal to Ayesha Vardag before undertaking pupillage with leading matrimonial set QE...