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Dale Vince’s Million Pound Technicality

26th May 2015 - John Oxley
Dale Vince’s Million Pound Technicality

Ayesha Vardag spoke to UK Business Insider about the unusual case of Dale Vince, the environmentally friendly entrepreneur who has found himself facing a financial claim from the wife he divorced nearly twenty years ago. As a result of the parties failing to resolve the possible financial claims at that time, his wife has now been able to issue a claim against his £100million fortune.

Speaking on the lessons to be drawn from the case, Ayesha said If you dont close off the financial matters in a divorce case, you technically leave that door open for your former spouse to get in touch and ask for more money, if you do happen to make a lot more in the future.

In relation to Dale Vince, she said If there is a huge financial disparity between the two parties, even later down the line, the courts like to help with wealth distribution. Sometimes the courts want to do nice things like that but fundamentally, it was a technicality at the time that led to this case going to the appeals stage.

If the Supreme Court disagree with Mr Vinces argument that the claim should be struck out, his former wife is likely to receive a sizeable payment form his £100 million fortune.

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