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Children's evidence: A balancing act

22nd September 2016 - John Oxley
Children's evidence: A balancing act

Vardags managing director, Catherine Thomas, wrote for The Global Legal Post about plans to give children a greater voice in court proceedings concerning them. It had been announced that all children above the age of 10 will have the opportunity to make their feelings known to the judge.

Catherine welcomes the move, which puts children closer to the decision making process which concerns them, but called for a  note of caution.

She concluded by saying with each child and each case being so different there must always been space for discretion being used by the professionals to protect ultimately the welfare of the child.  This discretion should extend to still judging each particular case on its merits and facts, taking an objective view on whether the child in question in the case wishes to and is able, to voice their views in the case.

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