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I became a millionaire through forgiving

22nd September 2016 - John Oxley
I became a millionaire through forgiving

Ahead of Global Forgiveness Day, Ayesha Vardag spoke to Emirates Woman magazine about the role forgiving took in her journey from her own divorce to running the UKs top family law firm.

Reflecting on the humble beginnings of the firm, she said My home office was just a telephone line, a fax machine, my laptop and a long suffering off-site secretary who typed up my dictations in between school runs. So much had changed in my life over the previous few years, it was difficult to comprehend.

She continued It was very chaotic.  Not just financially, but also emotionally. We were young and had been madly in love. We caused each other a lot of pain and found it impossible to forgive. We both had a lot of people persuading us to end the relationship, to give up on it, saying, repeatedly, lifes too short. We were trying to do it across two continents, while holding down jobs and looking after our children. It was heart-breaking for us both. We were a couple in crisis who needed help and support, and, instead, everyone was diving in to pull us apart permanently.

Finally, she concluded I may have made a wonderful career out of divorce, but it wasnt until I forgave my ex-husband that I could enjoy  the present and move freely   into my future.

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