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Ayesha Vardag talks about why we need no-fault divorce

29th September 2016 - John Oxley
Ayesha Vardag talks about why we need no-fault divorce

Vardags President, Ayesha Vardag, wrote for the Huffington Post following a report that showed that falling out of love had supplanted adultery as the top cause for marital breakdown.

Ayesha wrote that this was similar to what she had seen in her experience at the top of family law. When people come and see me, she wrote they often say there has been infidelity but thats not really whats behind this, its just that we really dont get along any more, were not attracted to each other, we have nothing in common, etc.

Ayesha went on to argue that this change furthered the case for no fault divorce – allowing couples to end their marriage by mutual consent, rather than requiring a case to be made out by one of them. Its still a huge shame, however, that couples who bear each other no ill at the point of deciding to separate will have to go through the unhappy process of generating some on paper to get divorced, Ayesha explained, adding Every drop of acrimony can contaminate a future relationship which has to be friendly and cooperative for the sake of the children, who need to be co-parented even if they have that in two homes rather than one. So an end to compulsory mud-slinging in divorce would be a huge improvement.

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