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Modern marriage: Till de-glitching does us part

23rd September 2016 - John Oxley
Modern marriage: Till de-glitching does us part

Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Daily Telegraph following a survey which revealed wide spread support among the so-called millennial generation for temporary models of marriage. The paper suggested that this indicated that young people want to stress test relationships, without making a permanent commitment.

Ayesha, who has spent over a decade at the top of family law, was unimpressed with the idea. She told the paper The idea that anyone would knowingly wed without any permanent intentions trivialises marriage. Marriage is a special thing. Of course, one shouldnt rush into it either. A two‑year trial period is sensible. But, unless you have specific religious concerns, whats wrong with cohabiting? If you want paperwork, you can have a basic cohabiting agreement drawn up, throw a big party and get a glamorous dress to wear to celebrate.

She added Marriage is a choice with financial, legal and property implications, but with real spiritual and relationship dimensions, too. While it is important that there is an escape route in divorce, when you get married you should be intending it to be permanent. The essence is commitment – the permanence is fundamental to the promise.

Ayeshas criticism of the idea was echoed by psychologists, and the paper itself.



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