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Ayesha Vardag: The Romantic Divorce Lawyer

20th September 2016 - John Oxley
Ayesha Vardag: The Romantic Divorce Lawyer

Ayesha Vardag spoke to Friday Magazine about her romantic heart and how it affects her work at the top of family law. In an interview carried out ahead of the firms expansion to Dubai, she told the magazine nothing is sadder than a lost love or a broken dream".

Discussing her own marriage to Vardags financial director Stephen Bence, she said Having a husband, particularly one who is a professional confidant as well as a domestic partner, is a great source of energy, inspiration and strength. Ive always believed in love, despite going through my own relationship difficulties, as so many of us do.

Ayesha also commented on the rising divorce rate in the Emirate, something which she puts down to the pressures of ex-pat life.  She said it is an environment that can put a strain on marriages, that heady mix of power and money and temptation that exists here makes it inevitable in some ways.

Having experienced so many stories of marital breakdown, Ayesha was able to share her tips for happy marriage with the magazine. She suggested that couples make time for each other, saying if you feel like you and your partner are becoming alienated from each other, go out and discover a new passion together and make it your regular, special thing to share.

Ayesha also advised spontaneity, but also leaving time for ones self Remember who you were when your partner fell in love with you. Often women will give up their career or hobbies when kids come along, which can cause the couple to grow apart. The wifes conversations revolve around the school run and taking the cat to the vet while the husband is dealing with the more important pressures of work.

She also recommended that couples work on communication and have a strategy for when they disagree. She said Not all arguments are bad – sometimes theyre really necessary to maintain an open dialogue with your spouse. Honesty is really the best policy. Ayesha recommended kindness too, saying its as vital to be kind to your spouse as it is to seek out kindness in others, whilst humour "is a great tonic for adversity, and might just help you realise that your relationship problems are not as bad as you think.

Ayesha concluded by recommending couples be honest and transparent with regard to finances to prevent acrimony in the long run.

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