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Alex McCready launches Vardags' new Reputation and Privacy department

17th October 2018 - Thea Dunne
Alex McCready launches Vardags' new Reputation and Privacy department

This October, Vardags was joined by Alexandra McCready, heading up Vardags newest department - Reputation and Privacy. After long having boasted media management capabilities bolstered by years of high profile family law cases, Vardags Reputation and Privacy department can now offer expert representation with all issues relating to defamation, libel and personal privacy – an area of law, which Alexandra explains, is more pertinent than ever:

I am thrilled to be joining Vardags at such an exciting time in the firms growth. In todays environment, threats to reputation and privacy come from multiple sources, be they family disputes, unwanted media attention, high-profile litigation or attacks emanating online. Unfortunately, you can no longer divorce the personal from the professional and so these threats require tailor-made solutions. Im excited to be working at a firm comprised of industry experts, who together can help clients defend and protect their reputation wherever the threat comes from.

Alexs new department are bringing the firm closer to its mission of being a one-shop-stop to its high net worth clients, their families and their businesses.

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