Vardags’ client Pauline Chai featured in The Sunday Times

    Vardags’ high profile client Pauline Chai has been the subject of a feature in The Sunday Times.

    Reporter David Leppard profiled Ms Chai in a lengthy article in which she speaks about her feelings regarding her marriage and ongoing divorce.

    Despite the size of the assets in question in this case and the lifestyle that the couple enjoyed during the marriage, Ms Chai confided to the newspaper that “During our marriage he was very controlling but now I feel different. I feel very free.”

    Providing some insight into her personal tastes, Ms Chai revealed that her home near Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire is entirely decorated with Laura Ashley furnishings. This is, she says, less of a reflection on her estranged husband’s role as chairman of the company than on her Anglophile nature: “[The Laura Ashley move] meant that, having lived in three [former] English colonies, I could finally live in the real thing — England,” she said.

    Ms Chai also expressed her desire to have her case heard in the English courts: “I love England and everything English. I’ve been living here for years. I want English justice because it is fair. That’s all I’m asking for.”