Top divorce lawyers in Oxford

Vardags is Oxford's top divorce and family law firm for high net worth families. Our lawyers work exclusively with families who have assets greater than £1m or annual family income in excess of £150,000.

Many of our cases involve complex assets, including trusts and/or international assets. Many involve international families and disputed jurisdiction. But we also deal with straightforward uncontested cases and our solicitors always seek to negotiate at the earliest possible opportunity.

A powerful blend of financial and legal expertise

For those that own the assets, our in-house financial team will ensure that your finances are presented in the best possible light, in particular ensuring that there are realistic valuations and that your critical role in any business is properly reflected. For those that are claiming a share of their spouse’s wealth, we will make sure that we fully understand the extent and value of your spouse’s assets. We have particular expertise in non-disclosure cases and cases where the spouse seeks to undervalue business interests. We can also help to ensure that your financial needs and legal fees are met by your spouse or via litigation lending.

The Oxford team