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Vardags are Cambridge’s leading divorce and family lawyers. Founded by University of Cambridge alumna, Ayesha Vardag, known widely as “Britain’s top divorce lawyer”, our Cambridge office offers the quality of a top city law firm with the convenience of a local address. The majority of our clients are high net worth individuals with family assets of over £600k or a gross annual family income in excess of £150,000.

Unique in-house forensic financial expertise

Vardags is unique in having an in-house forensic financial arm which works as an integral part of our team to get the best results for our clients. If you are the breadwinner, our financial expertise will help you to produce realistic valuations of assets, particularly private company shareholdings. We can ensure that issues of liquidity are at the forefront of any negotiations and emphasise your critical role in maintaining the value of the business. If you are the homemaker you may be worried that your spouse will not disclose all assets or will value them at far too low a level. Our solicitors are experts in non-disclosure cases and our in-house forensic financial team are experts in valuations. You may also be worried about how you will pay your day-to-day living expenses or legal fees—we can often assist you with having your spouse pay these or securing a litigation loan.

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