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Basics of Litigation

Guide to Restraining Orders

Restraining orders exist to protect the victim of an offence, or indeed any other person, from conduct that amounts to harassment or will cause fear of violence. They are only available in conjunction with criminal proceedings, which is to say that the subject of the...

Guide to Strike Out Applications

A strike out application is a useful legal strategy that can be used to try to obtain an early end to a dispute without the need for a hearing. If successful, it avoids a lengthy court case and wasted costs. If the court determines that the claimant or defendant have no...

What is Litigation

Litigation involves an individual, organisation or business taking legal action, usually in court, to resolve a dispute that has arisen. The Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) govern how all claims are managed by the courts and set out how parties should behave. What types of...

Guide to the Litigation Process

The litigation process is governed by the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) which were implemented to reduce parties costs and improve case efficiency within the legal system. Before embarking upon litigation, parties are encouraged to explore other ways to resolve the issues...

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