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Tracing international assets in divorce cases

Sometimes it can be hard to trace assets across international boundaries, especially where off-shore jurisdictions are utilised. With diligent research and the utilisation of a wide range of publicly available information, it can be possible to put together a full picture of complicated wealth structures.

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How can I find my partners assets in France?

Like many European countries, France offers a relatively high degree of transparency when it comes to investigating assets and business holdings.

Registries of company ownership and land ownership are publicly accessible, making it quite simple to trace how companies are owned. Though it is always difficult to find out who ultimately owns the beneficial interest in a company, the amount of information available will help Vardags in-house commercial team uncover assets which may be hidden in or through France.

How can I find my partners assets in BVI?

As an off-shore jurisdiction, the BVI markets itself on the high degree of secrecy it offers investors and businesses. Companies in the BVI are not required to produce public accounts or who the true owners are.

Within the BVI, however, it may be possible to obtain orders for the search and seizure of documents, or for the disclosure of documents.

Vardags in-house corporate team are used to working with off-shore jurisdictions and finding legal and effective ways to trace assets through such bastions of corporate secrecy.

How can I find my partners assets in the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands apply strict rules of confidentiality to most types of asset class held on the islands. The information which can be found about companies is very limited, and it is very hard to trace the ultimate beneficial owners of assets.

Vardags in-house corporate team has significant experience in dealing with tracing assets through areas like the Cayman Islands, and can use a number of techniques to find, legally and effectively, further details and disclosure from such companies.

How can I find my partners assets in Australia?

Australia has a large degree of corporate transparency, making it possible to trace assets there easily. A large amount of information on assets is available from the corporate and land registries. 

How can I find my partners assets in the USA?

Though rules about disclosure vary from state to state, the United States is one of the most transparent jurisdictions in the world for corporate and property information. This publicly available information can be utilized in divorce proceedings to trace assets and ensure that the court have a full financial picture.

In addition, due to the level of extra-territorial control the US government has over its currency, it may be possible to trace dollar denominated transactions around the world. Applications in the US courts can therefore be utilized to trace assets internationally in certain circumstances.


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