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International divorce law

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Enforcing against international assets in divorce cases

It is possible to enforce awards against international assets in foreign countries. How this is done, and how easily, will depend on what country the assets are located in and what agreements England has in place with that country. How do I enforce against assets in Switzerland? Generally speaking, foreign divorce orders can be enforced in Switzerland, though it is important to note that Swiss banks cannot be bound by foreign freezing orders made outside of the country. To... Read more

The Hague Convention

The Hague Convention on International Child Abduction is an agreement that many countries have entered into. It covers most of Europe and North America and other countries across the rest of the world. Under the convention, countries agree to uphold and enforce each other’s decisions about child abduction cases. Where a parent has unlawfully taken a child from one convention country to another, the second country will therefore help return the child to the first country. This makes it... Read more

Tracing international assets in divorce cases

Sometimes it can be hard to trace assets across international boundaries, especially where off-shore jurisdictions are utilised. With diligent research and the utilisation of a wide range of publicly available information, it can be possible to put together a full picture of complicated wealth structures. How can I find my partner’s assets in France? Like many European countries, France offers a relatively high degree of transparency when it comes to investigating... Read more

Divorce in the UK if you made a prenuptial agreement abroad

It is possible to commence divorce proceedings in England if you entered into a prenuptial agreement abroad. However, whether you can file a divorce petition in England depends upon whether certain jurisdictional criteria are met on the date on which you file the petition (rather than where you entered into a prenuptial agreement). These jurisdictional requirements are set out in an EU regulation known as “Brussels II”. The English court has jurisdiction to hear the divorce if... Read more

Divorcing in the UK if you were married abroad

It is possible to commence divorce proceedings in England even if you were married abroad. Where the marriage took place is, in fact, somewhat immaterial, provided that the ceremony was carried out in accordance with the local formalities and customs of the country in which it took place. If it was, the marriage will be valid, and recognised as such in England. Whether you can file a divorce petition in England depends upon whether certain jurisdictional criteria are met. This is set... Read more

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