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Harassment is the unwanted behaviour of another that causes the recipient to feel either intimidated or humiliated. There is a wide range of behaviour that can amount to harassment, including: 

  • Spoken words or abuse including jokes. 
  • Written words including emails or comments on social media. 
  • Images or graffiti. 
  • Facial expressions or physical gestures. 

Facing harassment from the media

The reported suicide of Caroline Flack, the Love Island presenter, at the start of 2020 following a prolonged campaign of harassment again highlighted the issues faced by celebrities, royalty and wealthy individuals in relation to unwanted media attention. Journalists seeking...

What is harassment?

Harassment is both a civil and criminal offence and falls under various legislation.   Harassment   Under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, harassment will occur where the behaviour causes alarm or distress. Individuals must not pursue a course of...

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