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Divorce laws in Europe

Divorce laws vary from country to country, but as international divorce experts, Vardags can provide guidance on issues of jurisdiction, finances and children. This guide provides a summary of divorce laws in various countries within Europe.

What’s the difference between divorcing in England and Scotland?

Scotland and England have different legal systems, and treat the division of finances on divorce very differently. In dividing capital, the net value of matrimonial property will be divided equally between the parties.

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What happens if you divorce in France?

France, like many European countries, applies a doctrine of “property regimes” to marital property. If married in France, the couple will elect one of these regimes, which affects how they hold their property during the course of their marriage.

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What’s the difference between divorcing in England and Germany?

Like most European countries, in Germany the court lacks the discretion the English court has in making awards. The court is subject to strict rules in what it can order on the division of marital assets.

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