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Basic principles

What is a merger?

A merger occurs where pre-existing companies are combined, which results in the creation a of single new company.  Typically, the merging companies are equal or similar in terms of their existing size and scale of operations. ...

What is an acquisition?

What is an acquisition An acquisition is when one company purchases another business (known as the ‘target company’). This contrasts a merger transaction, which is the combination of two or more businesses to form a single entity, also known as...

Guide to Commercial Law

For all UK businesses, the field of commercial law is central. It deals with all of the legal rules that affect business, commerce (including e-commerce) and trade. Robust commercial laws are required for an economy to function well and thrive.  What is commercial...

Guide to Corporate Law

Corporate law is concerned with the life of the company or corporate entity, including: its formation and set-up effective management and conduct of its stakeholders any restructures, reorganisations, mergers & acquisitions its eventual dissolution...

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