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Non-molestation orders

A non-molestation order (or “non-mol”) is one of the court’s key powers in cases involving domestic violence. The order prevents a person from harassing or threatening you. Depending on the drafting and the severity of your case, it can be used to prevent your spouse from contacting you or going near you.

If a person breaches a non-molestation order, it is both civil contempt (leading to a possible fine or imprisonment) and a criminal offence. They can be immediately arrested and face up to five years in prison.  Where a victim feels such orders are too strong, it is possible to agree undertakings – a solemn promise to the court. If undertakings are broken, it remains civil contempt but is not a criminal offence.

A non-molestation order can be applied for without notice and on an urgent basis. If you feel at risk of imminent violence you should contact the police.

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