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Glossary of divorce & family law terms
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Our glossary will help you to understand some of the key terms and phrases which might crop up in your legal case.

This guide is no replacement for top legal advice but will allow you to know more about the process and what it entails.

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Real property

Legal term meaning houses, land and real estate.

Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act 1922

A piece of law which sets out how English judgments are enforced in British Overseas Territories.

Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders (REMO) unit

Public body responsible for recording and enforcing child maintenance orders internationally.

Residence order

Now replaced by child arangements programmes, an order of the court in children proceedings setting out where the child is to live. Mistakenly referred to as: custody.

Resident parent

The parent with whom a child lives most of the time.


The person who ‘responds’ to any application made to the court by either the petitioner, applicant, or appellant.

Restraining order

An order made by the criminal courts stopping a person from contacting someone. Not be confused with a non-molestation order or occupation order.

Resulting trust

A trust that does not have a formal declaration of trust, but is created by the parties' making contributions to the purchase of an asset. The trust will be held in equal proportion to the money paid in.

Return date

After an ex parte hearing, the parties will usually attend court again on the same issue, so that both sides can argue their case.

Rose order

An order of the court approving an agreement between the parties, but not dealing with the specific details of how an award is to be structured. This will be binding on the parties.

Round table meeting

An informal negotiation meeting attended by parties and their solicitors.

The information on this website is intended as a guide and does not constitute legal advice. Vardags do not accept liability for any errors in the information on this website, nor any losses stemming from reliance upon the statements made herein. All articles and pages aim to reflect the legal position at time they were published, and may have been rendered obsolete by subsequent developments in the law. Should you require specialist advice, tailored to your situation, please see how Vardags can help you.


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