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What to look for when hiring a divorce lawyer

22nd March 2012
What to look for when hiring a divorce lawyer

If you are looking for a top divorce lawyer, someone who will go into legal battle for you against your soon-to-be former spouse, here are some qualities to look out for and some questions to ask.

Passion The sheer passion for their field of expertise must be so evident from the moment you meet them as to make you feel secure that your marriage can conclude in a calm, professional manner, which will be wholly beneficial to you. The first time you discuss your requirements properly should be a relaxing and reassuring meeting.

Experience Aim to hire a lawyer who is already experienced in the field of family law. Ask whether your chosen lawyer has experience on a distinct majority of cases that are either to do with direct termination of marriage, in the relevant country, or in establishing pre-nuptial agreements. If they do not have this experience, then it may demonstrate either ineptitude in that specific area, or lack of interest, both of which would be detrimental to your case. It is potentially risky hiring a lawyer straight out of university; nor is it useful to hire someone who has devoted their entire life to a different sector of the law.

Credibility Furthermore, your representative should have previous experience working for a firm which is credible and well-informed. You should feel that there is total transparency, and absolute confidentiality must be guaranteed. Ask for information about the firm, and research the firm yourself.

Realism Their analytical skills should be proficient, but they should have a level of realism about their analysis, combined with their legal expertise. If they are struggling with a case, they should admit it as soon as possible – if you are promised the world then youre talking to the wrong person.

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