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What makes a top divorce lawyer?

17th February 2012
What makes a top divorce lawyer?

An outstanding divorce lawyer has a number of qualities in his or her personality that enable them to excel.

Fair play

An excellent divorce lawyer will fight not only passionately but also fairly in order to win a case. This is essential for all lawyers but especially so in matrimonial law, where family is such a precious and vulnerable thing to fight for.


Top divorce lawyers work effectively in all settings. They project confidence, but are not arrogant. They are eloquent and are able to write and speak with clarity and conviction – a very important skill when dealing with clients, colleagues and courts alike. Keeping up to speed with changes in the law is essential: really good divorce lawyers will have a real hunger for knowledge and a mindset keen to learn more and improve on any skills.


An exceptional family lawyer has the ability to deal with stress, difficult people and not to take things at face value. Working in divorce law often means understanding and dealing with individuals raw emotions. Orchestrating the overall case while dealing with client contact on a day to day basis can be tough, but is crucial in order to protect the client and the case. The best divorce lawyers deliver. Great lawyers do what they say they will do, attend all meetings, arrive early and fully prepared. A good professional skill set is imperative.

A personal lawyer/client relationship

It is crucial that a lawyer is able to relate to their client and show understanding on a personal level. An exceptional divorce lawyer can recognise the unique styles, interests and needs of any individual. Demonstrating loyalty helps the client trust in the person they are handing their life to. This is not only important in highly complex financial cases but also where children are involved. Parents are protective of their children, and the client needs to be able to completely trust their lawyer to secure not only a good outcome for themselves but also for their children.

A top divorce lawyer will be completely in control and will be willing to go the extra mile in order to succeed for their client. A top divorce lawyer is always mindful of what is right for their client and will strive for results.

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