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Taiwanese actor required to remarry and re-divorce before tying the knot with a new bride

31st March 2016

Nicky Wu, a Taiwanese actor and former boy band singer, had to marry and divorce his ex-wife for the second time in order to wed his new bride, Chinese actress Liu Shishi.

Wu and his ex-wife, Ma Yashu, were married for three years but failed to register their nuptials in Taiwan. According to Wus mother, he was interrogated like a criminal simply for attempting to secure a Taiwanese entry permit for Ma.

Nevertheless, the Taiwanese authorities were well aware of the actors marriage to Ma, causing complications when Wu attempted to register his marriage to Liu in Taiwan.

Wu was then forced to remarry Ma, register their marriage in Taiwan, then re-divorce her to satisfy Taiwanese legal requirements before registering his marriage to Liu. The pair had obtained marriage certificates last year in Beijing, reported The Daily Mail.

Ma, also an actress, has been married to Australian billionaire James Robert Hayes since 2010. It appears that both Wu and Ma were briefly married to two people before they were able to finalise their divorce.

Wu started his career as a singer in the Taiwanese boy band Little Tigers before shifting his focus to acting.

Wu and Liu met as co-stars in the popular time-travel drama, Scarlet Heart, according to the Shanghaiist. They were married in Bali on Sunday.

Ive complained to heaven more than once about hardships in my life, Wu declared, Ive complained that he treated me unfairly, gave me unhappy experiences. Now, Ive come to realize why it was so. Because he wanted to save the best for me. I will do as you say.

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