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Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall engaged

19th January 2016
Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall engaged

Due to Murdochs advanced years, this announcement has prompted commentators to wonder what Hall sees in her new beau, with the New York Daily News snidely dubbing them Beauty and the Beast%27 and the Guardian calling them %27Jerry and the Pacemaker%27.According to a Guardian source, "Shes not looking to run the company, shes not looking to move the furniture around. There are lot of people around Murdoch who are looking to him for a step up… Shes not looking for a piece of the action".This will be Murdochs fourth marriage, and Halls first – technically that is. She married Sir Mick Jagger in Bali in 1990, though the ceremony was later deemed null and void under both British and Indonesian law. Jagger and Hall separated in 1999 after Luciana Morad, an underwear model, announced that she was pregnant with Jaggers child. Hall is believed to have received £10 million during the proceedings. Murdochs worth is estimated at £8 billion, much of which is in the family trust that controls voting stock in 21st Century Fox and News Corporation. The trusts beneficiaries were his four children with his second wife, Anna Torv. Under Murdochs divorce settlement with Torv, the children that Murdoch had with his third wife, Wendi Deng, could not be admitted to the trust. A compromise was eventually reached; Dengs two children now have an equal stake in the trust, but without voting rights. After Murdochs marriage to Hall, though, %27there is no belief that the News Corp inheritance will be further divided%27, reported the Guardian. Murdochs ex-wives signed prenuptial agreements, with Torv earning a reported £1.2 billion during her divorce. It is unknown whether Hall will follow suit, or what her prenuptial agreement may entail.

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