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Resolution hopeful new Justice Secretary will implement no fault divorces

19th July 2016
Resolution hopeful new Justice Secretary will implement no fault divorces

Resolution has warmly welcomed the new Justice Secretary, the Rt. Hon Liz Truss.

Nigel Shepherd, Resolution Chair, said:

Id like to congratulate Ms Truss on her appointment, and look forward to building on the strong relationship Resolution has with Ministers and officials within her new department.
Resolution will continue our work to convince the new Lord Chancellor and her colleagues at the Ministry of Justice of the need for reform to family law, to help improve the lives of separating and separated families across England and Wales.
This includes removing the legal need for divorcing couples to blame each other, which is currently a major roadblock in helping resolve matters amicably, and often acts as a barrier to people keeping their disputes away from the courtroom.
And, in light of yesterdays ONS statistics showing cohabiting couples now make up nearly 10% of the population, we will continue to press for the law to catch up to this rapidly growing trend. Regardless of ones views on marriage, some legal protection needs to be offered to people when these relationships break down to ensure the lack of awareness over their rights does not unfairly penalise them.
In keeping with the approach our members take to divorce and separation, we have always tried to offer constructive advice and feedback to government, even when faced with difficult decisions that put access to justice at risk. But we have never shied from speaking out when we believe the government is wrong, and I promise we will continue to act as a critical friend to the new Lord Chancellor when the circumstances call for it.
As a former Minister at the Department for Education, we hope Ms Truss will also have a positive view of our work to encourage separating parents to put the best interests of their children first. We look forward to working with her on these and other issues, and wish her well in her new role.

Vardags champions the introduction of no fault divorce because it reflects the reality that, often, no single party is responsible for the breakdown of a marriage and protects families by ensuring that the parting spouses are not forced to denigrate each other. Vardags believes the law should move even further by allowing the option for joint no fault divorce petitions that can be dealt with by the courts on a purely administrative basis. We are therefore hopeful that the new Justice Secretary will take on board Nigel Shepherds comments and no fault divorce is fast tracked into legislation.

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