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Pauline Chai granted decree nisi

8th January 2016
Pauline Chai granted decree nisi
Ms Chai welcomed this news:
I am so relieved that my prayers have been answered. I want to thank my children for standing by me and my extraordinary legal team – who have fought for me tirelessly throughout this difficult period. I have great respect for the English judicial system and am incredibly grateful to have been protected by it.
Vardags President Ayesha Vardag was also pleased. She says:
Todays decree nisi is end of a long battle for our client. It confirms she can have her divorce in England. It could have happened long ago had Dr Khoo not fought the jurisdiction of the English courts for nearly three years over two hemispheres. The Court of Appeals finding that Mr Justice Bodeys original judgment was unimpeachable has finally put a stop to that. We can now get on with the financial proceedings and push hard to bring this dispute to an end, as Ms Chai so dearly wishes.
This news has been picked up by the national press with great interest, with lead features in the Daily Mail and the Independent. Ayesha Vardags press release regarding the Court of Appeal ruling in December 2015 can be read here.
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