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New Year Divorce? Some practical considerations

New Year Divorce? Some practical considerations

If you are considering a divorce in the New Year here are some practical considerations that may help you to prepare.

1. Find the right expert and follow their advice.

It is important to find the right solicitor for your case. If your financial position is complicated, because you have assets abroad or you have a family business, you should find a specialist family law solicitor who has experience of dealing with such matters. Vardags offer an initial free consultation to qualifying individuals and we specialise in complex and international cases.

Having an experienced solicitor by your side will help you to reach an agreement on the arrangements for children or financial matters more efficiently and will enable you to focus on the future.

2. Organise yourself.

Your solicitor will want to know as much as possible about your financial position. It is a good idea to let your financial advisor or accountant know that you may be getting divorced so they can be available to assist with any paperwork or figures you require.

Your solicitor will want to know what your assets, debts, pensions and income are. It is important you are open and honest with your solicitor about your financial position. There is a duty of full and frank disclosure if you are getting divorced and your solicitor will need this information so they can advise you what an appropriate outcome in your case might be.

3. Find support.

Getting divorced can be challenging and stressful so it is important to have a team on people on hand to support you. This may be close family and friends. If you do not have a close support network, there is a plethora of organisations available who can assist you. If you are struggling to deal with issues relating to your separation you should speak to you GP about what services there are available locally.

4. Communicate.

If you can you should try and maintain lines of communication with your former partner. This is especially important if you have children together. Even if you don’t have children the more you can agree upon yourselves the easier the process will be.

5. Prioritise your objectives.

Think about what you would like to achieve from your divorce and what your key objectives are. During a divorce it is not uncommon that you will have to compromise on something. If you have a clear picture of what you would like to achieve you will find it easier to resolve matters and not argue over smaller details that might be less important.

6. Is it urgent?

You should seek legal advice immediately if you or your children are suffering from or at risk of domestic violence or abuse or if you think you may lose your home. It is also vitally important to take urgent advice if you other half has a strong link to another country and may contemplate issuing divorce proceedings there. If you are concerned about anything do not delay in taking legal advice. It is likely that once you have sought advice you will feel more optimistic about the future and your solicitor will help you to put an action plan in place.

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