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Modern Family creator’s divorce papers reveal wealth

21st March 2016

Divorce papers claim that Steven Levitan, the creator of the Emmy Award-winning TV show Modern Family, earns $2.46 million per month, before tax. He split with his wife, Krista, three months ago and she has since asked for a divorce.

The couple does not have a pre-nuptial agreement, leaving them with approximately $50 million to allocate. Their home in Brentwood, California is worth an estimated $12 million.

The documents Mrs Levitan filed state that her husband adds $1 million to his savings every month, according to the Daily Mail. Their other monthly expenses include approximately $11,000 on clothes, $9,000 on domestic help and $2,000 on beauty treatments.

They also spent $7,000 a month on childcare (they have three adult children) and $1,333 a month on pet care. Oh, to be a pet in the Levitan household.

Mrs Levitan cited irreconcilable differences as her reason to end the marriage. She has asked for spousal support and attorney fees.

Mr Levitan has said that Modern Family is partially based on his family, and that storylines are often based on real events. He said in 2010: We go home, we spend time with our kooky families and we write down what they do and say. Thats how we get about half of our stories.

The Emmy Award-winning director has even admitted to recording family conversations to use later as inspiration for the show. His family does not always appreciate this; as the producer himself said: In the middle of a huge fight or somebodys having a breakdown of some sort, its not rare to hear, Put that phone away — I dont want to see this on the show!

Modern Family is currently in its seventh season. We can only speculate how the shows characters will fare in the wake of their creators divorce.

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