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1 in 5 Britons admit to cheating on their partner while on holiday

19th September 2016


Nearly a fifth of all Britons have cheated on their partner or spouse while abroad, according to a new survey. The survey, the results of which were published late last month, suggest that infidelity is on the rise, as a similar survey conducted two years ago found that only one in twenty was likely to cheat on a partner while away. However, while this behaviour appears to be far more commonplace than it was in 2014, these days cheating partners seem to have different reasons. In the 2014 study, 3% of people thought that it didnt count as cheating if they were on holiday. The 2016 survey, on the other hand, found that those who cheated often cited getting carried away or excessive alcohol consumption as their reasons for cheating. While it seems that in the past two years weve become more savvy about what is and isnt infidelity, it seems that those who do have affairs are still not all that likely to take responsibility for their actions. The study also showed that people are most likely to unfaithful to their partners while theyre away on holiday with friends, followed by a quarter claiming that stag or hen dos are more likely to make them cheat. Both of these seem to back up the idea of getting carried away or having had too much to drink as the main causes of infidelity but, most surprisingly, 13% of those who responded to the survey said that they had slept with someone else while on holiday with their partner. Though divorce rates may be low at the moment, research suggests this is because people are marrying later in life, or deciding against marriage altogether, meaning that this sort of infidelity is no less likely to break up your relationship, just that there will be less paperwork if you werent married in the first place.

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