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Sacha Lee discusses CAFCASS launching a new telephone service

21st June 2022 - Sacha Lee

Cafcass have launched a new telephone service for children and young people, with the aim that children have a space to share their views about how well we supported them, how effectively we listened and understood what life is like for them, and how that understanding influenced what the Family Court Adviser recommended in their report to the court. We want to hear whether children understood our thinking, whether they felt able to influence proceedings about them and what we could have done differently and better. Our hope is that children will want to share their honest feedback with us in the comfortable space that is our Hear to Listen phone line.

It is the children themselves who are the heart of children proceedings and it is with the protection of their best interests and welfare that Cafcass approach their work. By welcoming feedback from those who were directly affected by the proceedings, either contemporaneously or years afterwards once they have grown into adults themselves, is a timely and key reminder from Cafcass that it is the children whom they serve above all and their voices which they champion.

Hopefully, feedback from the children Cafcass have met with will continue to shape and develop their approach to ensure that children have as positive experience as possible when engaging with Court appointed Social Workers (and that their practice remains forward-thinking, empathetic and supportive), and so that their voices always remain heard.

The phone number for the service is 0330 403 0300.

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