Cut Gwyneth Some Slack: No Fault Divorce Is the Future

    Following the publicity which surrounded Gwyneth Paltrow’s self-described “conscious uncoupling” from husband and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Catherine Thomas wrote for the Huffington Post about no-fault divorce.

    Catherine lamented the press obsession with celebrity divorces, saying that it “signals the development of more than an obsession with celebrity culture, an obsession with private details of someone’s life that are always the most painful.” She remarked that Ms Paltrow’s “reward for attempting to adopt a tone and ethos that to her seems appropriate is contempt and ridicule.”

    Concluding that the “insatiable appetite” for salacious details was an unfortunate ramification of the desire for transparency, she added “The future is no fault divorce with mediation and arbitration used where appropriate in suitable cases. There is no space for continually attacking someone because they are rich or famous, yet just so happen to be going through a divorce.”

    Catherine’s comments were also featured in The Global Legal Post.