Ayesha Vardag features in business success guide, ‘This Book Will Make You Successful’

    Ayesha Vardag, President and Founder of Vardags, has featured in the newly published business success guide, ‘This Book Will Make You Successful’.

    Jo Usmar interviews professionals across all fields of expertise for her popular series.  Drawing from extensive experience negotiating on behalf in and out of the courtroom, Ayesha’s comments appear in a chapter advising on negotiating stances and strategy and how not to alienate the other side.

    In the book Ayesha explains the importance of good negotiation:

    “Strong negotiation means you get what you want and make the other side feel like they’re getting enough of what they want too, so they buy into the deal.”

    Published by Quercus, it is part of a six part series of straight-talking practical guides.