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Wills & Trusts Archive - January 2018

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Mistress battles property tycoon's widow at High Court claiming their 'adored' lovechild should not have been left out of his £2.5m will

The mistress of late millionaire Baldhev Kohli is challenging his will on behalf of their young daughter, in a battle concerning the deceased’s apparent double life across the UK and India. The case sees Melissa Proles fighting Mr Kohli’s wife, Harjeet Kaur Kohli, for a share of the £2.5 million fortune the deceased left to his wife. Mrs... Read More

Unmarried partner is successful in claim for reasonable financial provision in Lewis v Warner

An appeal was made by Mrs Lewis, daughter of Mrs Blackwell, the deceased, against an order of the court. This order dictated that Mrs Blackwell’s property was to be transferred to her partner, Mr Warner, for the value of the property. The decision was made pursuant to Mr Warner’s claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and... Read More

Legal battle over Charles Manson's body and estate kicks off

A hearing in downtown Los Angeles marked the start of a courtroom fight for control over notorious cult leader Charles Manson's estate and bodily remains on Monday. Following Manson's death from cardiac arrest in November last year, reports of two unverified wills emerged. The first, dated February 2002, allegedly names Manson's... Read More
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