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Wills & Trusts Archive - 2016 - Page 2

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Daughter challenges wealthy father’s estate

A woman who challenged the validity of her late father’s estate has been ordered by the Chancery Division of the High Court to pay costs of £65,000 for failing to bring a formal challenge and causing the other parties to incur significant costs. Kenneth Jordan, a wealthy businessman, executed a will in 2012 that left his fortune... Read More

Snoop Dogg is not worried about dying intestate

In an unsurprisingly irreverent fashion, Snoop Dogg has explained his decision not to create a will, claiming “I don’t give a **** when I’m dead.” Unfortunately for Snoop’s beneficiaries, his decision not to create a will could have costly consequences, both in terms of time and money. As Maire Connor reported... Read More

Sticking to their guns: family determined to destroy $5m inheritance

The estranged cousins of a Los Angeles man who died in June 2015 have announced their plans to destroy the deceased’s stockpile of weaponry, valued at $5 million, if probate court grants them the fortune. ABC News describes the late Jeffrey Lash as a “science superstar in high school” turned “loner, who told told neighbors he worked for... Read More

The fate of Prince’s estate: a cautionary tale about dying intestate

A week ago, the family of late superstar Prince bid their final farewells in a private ceremony in the singer’s native Minneapolis. Sadly, this is unlikely to bring his loved ones much closure - according to papers filed by his sister Tyka Nelson, Prince died without executing a will, and the fate of his fortune will likely be determined... Read More

Art in lieu of inheritance tax: Lucian Freud

This June, a previously unseen self-portrait by Lucian Freud will be unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery, as part of a small public display of the artist’s portraits. The gallery acquired the painting through the ‘Acceptance in Lieu’ scheme, which enables liable taxpayers to offset inheritance tax by donating objects 'of particular... Read More

Lynda Bellingham’s sons to dispute will

After the Loose Women star passed away in 2014, Lynda Bellingham’s fortune passed, as stated in her will, to her third husband, Michael Pattemore. Her three sons are now contesting the will based on Pattemore’s conduct since the death of their mother. Pattemore, a time share salesman, has been on several trips since taking... Read More

My second best bed: new x-rays of Shakespeare's will offer fresh revelations

Whilst William Shakespeare's illustrious body of work provides many insights regarding his attitudes towards love, riches and familial strife, relatively little is known about the personal life of England's most celebrated playwright. One document, however, has fueled centuries of speculation in terms of Shakespeare's... Read More

What is a mutual will?

In mutual wills, testators each leave their property to one another on the condition that the second to die will leave their property, including that of the first, to an agreed third party. The most common example of this would be a scenario where spouses leave their property to one another and, on second death, to their offspring. No... Read More
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