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Wills & Trusts Archive - December 2016

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Unending care costs and lasting power of attorney

This week, the cost of care has taken centre stage in UK politics. The ballooning elderly population is putting a strain on the NHS, and friends and relatives acting as carers. People may be living longer but, with dementia and Alzheimer’s now the number one cause of death in the UK, this does not necessarily imply better health but prolonged... Read More

Feeling charitable? How donations to charity can offset your inheritance tax

As it approaches Christmas, the season of good will, people become more generous toward their friends, family and, in many cases, favourite charities. According to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) statistics for 2016, the UK is in fact the most charitable nation in Europe. But, although you may be more likely to pop a penny into the WWF... Read More
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