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Wills & Trusts Archive - November 2016

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Private Client: a lesson in psychology

Rebecca Adlington says in this week’s The Lady that her greatest fear is death, which I find strange since death is not something that you can control. I prefer Russell Crowe’s advice in the film Gladiator: “death smiles on us all, all you can do is smile back.” Ms Adlington adds that her worst nightmare would be “being stranded in the... Read More

Record number of court challenges to power of attorney arrangements

Over the last three years, the number of power of attorney revocations has risen by 153%, according to data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Power of attorney arrangements allow individuals, known as donors, to appoint someone they trust to make decisions on their behalf. Ordinary power of attorney arrangements are only valid for as... Read More

Man finds €3.5m worth of gold in his inherited house

n unnamed Frenchman quite literally struck gold when he inherited a house in Normandy from a deceased relative. After the anonymous heir began moving around furniture in his new abode, he discovered a staggering 100 kilograms of gold, in the form of coins and ingots, concealed throughout the property. Local auctioneer Nicolas Fierfort told the... Read More
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