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Wills & Trusts Archive - October 2016

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Housing Minister advises pensioners to leave property to grandchildren

The Housing Minister Gavin Barwell has advised grandparents to disinherit their children and leave their property to their grandchildren instead. Mr Barwell revealed that his mother has disinherited him in order to leave her estate, including her £750,000 home, to his sons. He urged other grandparents to do the same in order to... Read More

The battle over Tom Clancy’s estate

The beneficiaries of the American novelist and video game designer have found themselves in a dispute over tax payable on his estate. Clancy was best known for his espionage and military-science storylines and had 17 bestsellers. He started out as an insurance salesman, and at the time of his death there were more than 100 million copies of his... Read More
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