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Wills & Trusts Archive - December 2015

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Contesting a will: due execution

There are various ways of contesting a will. One of these, as seen in the case of Royal National Institute for Deaf People and others v Turner EWHC 3301, is over the lack of proper formalities. One of the formalities, stipulated by section 9 of the Wills Act 1837, is that, in order to be valid, a will must be signed by the testator in the presence... Read More

An introduction to spousal bypass trusts

A spousal bypass trust is effectively a pilot trust, set up by a settlor in his or her lifetime, to benefit their surviving spouse after death. The policy funds (a lump sum) are placed in trust upon the settlor’s death. It is usually set up so that a surviving spouse receives benefits from a pension scheme, with its aim being to... Read More
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