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Wills & Trusts Archive - February 2014

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Make sure you sign your own will: the cautionary tale of Marley v Rawlings

The case of Marley v Rawlings, decided by the Supreme Court last month, reminds us that signing the right will is important. At the end of a stressful deal, when you are faced with a pile of contracts to sign, it is important to make sure you sign the right documents. A will is no different to a contract, in that it is supposed to bind your... Read More

Estate planning: How can I keep my pets safe after my death?

If you have beloved pets it is hard enough to keep them safe and well while you are alive, but what happens after you are dead? You cannot simply leave your home to your cats to live in for as long they live. Unfortunately the law does not recognise pets as having their own legal personality, so you must find a trustworthy Edgar (for those of us... Read More

Leaving your estate in trust to avoid family feuds

Inheritance issues are in the headlines following the reading of Nelson Mandela’s will. They highlight problems that are becoming increasingly common with the rising number of blended families following remarriage. Commentators have pointed to Mandela's decision to exclude his second wife Winnie from the will, and the restrictions he placed on... Read More
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