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Reputation & Privacy Archive - June 2021

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Private equity and negative media campaigns

Background  Over the years, numerous individuals and industries have found themselves caught up in the cross hairs of newspaper campaigns. These media crusades are nothing new, and newspapers will try to push the boundaries as far as they possibly can- even if... Read More

The risks of representing yourself in court

Government cuts to legal aid, added to the financial pressures linked to Covid, have resulted in a surge of people representing themselves in court (“litigants-in-person” (LIP)), in an attempt to save themselves some money. This may initially seem like a cheaper option, however, the specialist nature of the law and notoriously... Read More

Rory Lynch discusses Arlene Foster v Dr Christian Jessen libel case on LBC News

Rory Lynch discusses Arlene Foster v Dr Christian Jessen libel case on LBC News. Click the play button below to listen.   Read More
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